Advantages and Disadvantages of a Brand New and Used Car


Buying your dream car maybe the second most expensive purchase you will make after your house and, if you prefer a more luxurious one with more accessories, it will definitely be more expensive. Thus, you may first want to consider every available option before making a decision: a brand new car and the pride of being its first owner, or a slightly-used car that is just as reliable and still more affordable?

Here are some tips that should help you decide which type of car you may want to purchase:

1. Brand new car

a. advantages – besides the feeling of pride in owning a brand new car in the color of your choice, you can also enjoy these other benefits:

  • Reduced maintenance – brand new cars usually require tune-up and oil change only; you also wouldn’t be needing tire, brake, exhaust system or engine part replacements immediately.
  • Warranty coverage – depending on the type and brand of your car, you can enjoy a warranty for three years/36,000 miles, five-year/100,000-mile or 10 years/100,000 miles.
  • Peace of mind – According to Madison car accident lawyers, defective or lemon cars can be replaced or you can have your money back. The lemon law is an American state law which offers a remedy for buyers of cars and other goods in order to compensate for goods that never meet required standards for performance and quality.

b. disadvantages

  • Sales tax on new cars – buying a new car requires payment of thousands of dollars.
  • Registration fees – you will need to pay a fee of about a thousand dollars for new car registration as well. The fee for your new car’s annual registration is based on its model year and value.
  • Dealer closing costs – a pinstripe is an anti-rust coating and is an additional installation by the dealer, that you also have to pay for. Additionally, there are fees for “dealer preparation,” shipping and destination.

2. Used car

a. advantages – dealers of used cars value clients highly, so they treat everyone with respect, courtesy and professionalism. It is always fast, quality service where clients are treated based on their capability to pay and not on their credit. The members of the staff are also more helpful in helping clients find the best financing scheme that will best work for them, for example, in-house financing or trade in. Besides these are the following advantages:

  • Increased choice –there are simply more options when you go to dealers of used cars (brand and type). Prices are also on a downward trend, making used cars still more affordable.
  • Improving reliability – car warranty can be transferred from original to second owner; old-model used cars are also guaranteed as more reliable and durable than new ones.
  • Just like new – through certified pre-owned programs you can purchase used cars declared to pass strict standards for certification. This means used cars that are scratch-free and in superb mechanical condition; some even come with a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Less expensive – in addition to the up-front savings you’ll get for buying used, car insurance for used vehicles is more affordable than insurance for new ones.

b. disadvantages

  • A used car may invite the early on-set of car problems, which may prove to be more expensive than having bought a new one. You may also require replacement parts and maintenance sooner than expected.
  • You wouldn’t get the specific features that you want, like color, a navigation system or a sunroof.


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