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Effective Insurance Claim Preparation


Unless one has been through it, most people have no idea how potentially frustrating and troublesome it is to go through an insurance claim preparation, especially for property damage. Gathering together the needed documentation, arranging for an assessment, and coordinating with adjusters all take time. And even if everything is finally ready, there will be requests for additional documents, or the wrong documents were passed, and so on and so forth.

The fact is, most insurance companies will make any claim as difficult as reasonably possible to delay the payout or to justify denying a claim. According to the website of Dallas, Texas based law firm Smith Kendall PLLC, inaccurate or incomplete documents may be used as the basis for refusing to compensate the insured for damages to property. Even if the claim has been properly filed, it can take months of to-ing and fro-ing before the payout, if any, is released. And if the claim is denied on a technicality, appealing it can take even more time and effort. All this can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress and hardship for the claimant. For some situations, this process, if not properly executed, could take a longer time than expected.

The most effective way to prepare an insurance claim is to have a professional do it. Lawyers who specialize in preparing, filing and tracking insurance claims will not only ensure that no legal or administrative loophole is exploited, but that the claimant gets the full coverage which he or she is entitled to. A professional will be familiar with and know how to circumvent the various strategies that insurance companies employ to delay payouts, deny coverage and defend their actions. This will also convince the insurance company that the claimant is not to be denied what should be rightfully given and received. While this service will definitely come at a price, considering the savings in time and effort as well as avoiding the stress of the whole process, it will be money well spent.

Insurance Bad Faith


Getting insurance can help ease the stress if you happen to suffer losses from an accident. However, there are times where even the insurance company can prevent you from getting the right amount of compensation you are entitled for. This is called “insurance bad faith”, and when you or someone you love has been through this, you may be able to file a claim against the insurance company.

Insurance bad faith occurs when the insurance company unreasonably withholds, denies or prolongs your benefits on the policy. They can either give you unjust or unfair conduct while doing business with you. Being denied of your compensation after your accident can bring about a claim that your personal injury lawyers can help you acquire. The following are a number of “bad faith” acts that can help you determine if you can file a claim:

  1. Lowballing (or unreasonably under-settling) your claims
  2. Denying your reimbursement of the total loss
  3. Failing to immediately as well as carefully investigate a claim
  4. Deliberately giving “bad faith” with regards to policies and coverage
  5. Subjectively delaying the payments to a policy-holder

These are just some of the possible cases where you can determine if you are a victim of bad faith and if you are entitled to file for a claim. However, it is important to know that not all disputes are “bad faith” claims, as insurance companies still have the right to investigate and question the claims that they receive. Nevertheless, personal injury lawyers could help you in getting the right and fair compensation for bad faith insurance claims once it has been proven that you have been a victim of them.

There are different penalties in each state when it comes to bad faith claims, therefore knowing and understanding more about your state laws can help you in getting the right amount that you are entitled to.