Possession of Unlawful Weaponry


Necessary registration and documentation of weapons in your possession is essential in order for the government to keep track of these dangerous weapons and in order to avoid illegal distribution of weapons. Being caught with an unlicensed weapon can be problematic, as penalties for these charges can be severe and could affect you and your family as well. Not everyone is immediately guilty when caught with a weapon, so contacting a criminal defense lawyer could greatly help you in protecting your rights and preventing harsh penalties.

A weapon offense charge can effect a person in various ways. This reflects the varying degrees of danger or lethality different weapons possess. For example, carrying a handgun illegally is a lighter offense than being in possession of a machine gun. Explosives carry harsher sentences, while melee weapons are less likely to have similarly severe penalties. Being accused of having a weapon illegally can result in time in prison and expensive fines.

Certain circumstances can aggravate your charges of possession of unlawful weapons, and there are several reasons why carrying a weapon can be considered as unlawful. Some examples are:

  1. Carrying or possessing a weapon while being 18 years or age or younger
  2. Concealing a weapon in your person
  3. Possessing and carrying a weapon while you have a felony conviction or other charges
  4. Having a weapon in a vehicle that is easily accessible

Possession and carrying of unlawful weapons is classified as a Class A misdemeanor. When you or someone you love is caught with unlawful weapons, you can be charged with penalties of fines of up to $6, 250 and up to a year of imprisonment.

Being charged with carrying or possessing of unlawful weapons can be damaging to your career and to your life in general, and although you have your reasons for carrying them the penalties can be too hard to bear. Fear and confusion can take over and you may not be able to preserve and protect your rights, which is why it is important to have criminal lawyers to have your back. With the heavy penalties and possible incarceration, it could benefit you to have the right criminal lawyers who can fight on your behalf and give you peace of mind regarding your charge.

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  1. I really don’t understand how firearms get in the hands of criminals like this.

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